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Genesis Whitetails

Located in west-central Illinois, in the town of Huntsville, our high fence whitetail hunting preserve is nestled back in the country. Through our management practices, our hunting grounds are populated with some of the finest whitetail bucks imaginable. 

Hunts are fully guided with staff that is passionate for deer and the outdoors, driven to make your hunt a success. The only thing we guarantee is that you’ll experience up close and personal encounters with majestic giant whitetails.

Genesis Whitetails Website

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch

Be a part of the tradition! Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch exists to provide you the ultimate fair chase trophy whitetail hunting experience in a preserve setting. We seek nothing less than to serve you with the highest quality in personalized service and attention to detail. You may arrive at Oak Creek as a stranger but you will depart as family. We share all that is Oak Creek with you, with the goal that you will make your return, an annual tradition.

Donald Hill, Owner, Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch Website

Swine In The Pines

“Swine in the Pines” is owned and operated by two U.S. Military Veterans with over 35 years in active duty service. Mark and Jeff strive to provide un-paralleled professional service while preserving the rich tradition of hunting with Friends, Family, and the Florida Feral Hog. We take pride in providing a family friendly environment as well as saluting our courageous men and women of the Armed Forces and First-Responders. We have spent years hunting Wild Hogs in Florida and our knowledge and experience is reflected in our camp, assuring you an exciting and memorable Hog hunt.

Swine In The Pines Website

Anything Sportsman

Anything Sportsman is a simple way to buy and sell your new innovative hunting gear, fishing gear, camping gear & other outdoor gear. Search hunting leases, hunting guides, fishing guides and much more while supporting wildlife conservation.

The only buy, sell & trade website that is 100% geared towards hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and all other outdoor gear that outdoor enthusiasts and sportsman alike use.  At Anything Sportsman we believe in wildlife conservation and preserving our wildlife habitats and fisheries that we as sportsman love to use.

Anything Sportsman Website

Wildforest Whitetails

Wildforest Whitetails was created due to my obsession for GIANT whitetails. The very best deer, lodge, and farm have been brought together to provide the ultimate in hunting experiences.

Most hunting preserves harvest any deer which they have a hunter for. Wildforest is different! At Wildforest Whitetails, only TROPHY whitetails are harvested. The whitetails which roam Wildforest are unique and special, often sporting massive mainframes which must be seen to believe. 

Wildforest Whitetails Website

Muscatatuck Whitetails

Muscatatuck Whitetails offers affordable fair chase Deer hunting opportunities for those hunters wanting to pursue trophy whitetails. Lodging facilities are offered with a modest farm house and a comfortable deer camp to rest, clean up, watch TV, enjoy your own meal and get ready to hunt! Meals are not provided!

Bow and Firearm hunts can be self or semi-guided depending on your experience, cost management and hunting time frames.

Muscatatuck Whitetails Website

Thermocline Lures

Our goal at Therocline Luresis simple. We wan to help you catch MORE & LARGER fish. With this objective, we are constantly working to provide the color & glitter combinations that fish cannot resist. You’ll find that your satisfaction and success is our primary focus. We’d love to hear from you to let us know what we can do to better serve your needs!

Thermocline Lures
Thermocline Lures

Superior Whitetails

When it comes to hunting on a high fence hunting ranch people tend to have preconceived opinions; they assume it is not ethical or fair chase and often throw around the term “canned hunting” very liberally. Without even considering any other factors a hunting ranch is deemed unethical by the general public – AND ESPECIALLY OTHER HUNTERS – if there is a high fence involved.Please don’t assume that all hunting ranches are the same, let us share with you just a few of the ways that we stand out versus almost any other hunting ranch in the industry.

Superior Whitetails Website
Superior Whitetails

Bent Pine Ranch

Bent Pine Ranch is a whitetail deer hunting ranch located in the beautiful foothills of the Ozark Mountains in North East Oklahoma. We offer guided trophy buck hunts with beautiful lodging. Thank You for your interest in our first class facility. Your trophy buck awaits you!

It is our duty to ensure that each hunter will have the greatest whitetail deer hunting experience of a lifetime. We want you to have the most unforgettable whitetail deer hunting trip that you will always remember. Our goal is that after visiting our ranch, you will want to come back again and again.

Bent Pine Ranch Website

Shipman’s Taxidermy Studio

We are constantly furthering our education and implementing the highest quality material available. All mammal skins are fully tanned before mounting; either in our studio or sent to a commercial tannery.

We take great pride in assuring our customers that they will receive a high quality piece of wildlife art. A great thanks to our customers for making our business successful.

Shipman's Taxidermy Studio Website