Beverly Woods Fishing and Hunting with Kids Foundation had its’ first hunt donated from Genesis Whitetails in 2015. Undoubtedly, this year was the start of a promising future for the foundation. To experience a vision coming to life through the smile of a child is priceless. We set out on our journey with the hopes of making a world of difference in the youth of tomorrow. We stayed the course and introduced even more kids to the wonderful outdoors.

During our hunting events, we take pride in teaching kids the importance of gun safety, target practicing, and numerous other hunting related activities… One hunt at a time, our foundation works vigorously to make a positive impact in the life of every kid it encounters. From hunting bears in Alaska, to hunting rams, hogs, deer and elk throughout North America we continuously experience priceless adventures. Our hunts help kids experience the unthinkable! These hunts are memorable and the kids cherish them throughout life. We are looking forward to what the future holds for those experiencing the outdoors with the Beverly Woods Fishing and Hunting With Kids Foundation.

Genesis 27:3, Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison.