The Beverly Woods Foundation uses hunting and fishing trips as a way to give back to our youth today. We strive to make a difference one outdoor adventure at a time! In the spring of 2015, we had our first fishing trip with the Beverly Woods Fishing and Hunting with Kids Foundation at Grenada Lake in Mississippi. This marked the beginning of our great fishing adventures. The excitement and joy the kids have while catching fish for the first time is amazing!

Learning how to fish is fun and exciting, especially for our youth. Through our fishing adventures, kids learn about different types of fish, how to bait their hooks, and all sorts of fishing related activities. After participating in one of our fishing trips, kids are quipped with adequate fishing skills that they can use throughout life. We encourage and uplift our kids and enjoy spending time with each of them creating memories that will last forever. These moments will have a lifelong impression that will always be a highlight of their youth. This foundation has momentum and is on a path that will allow us to introduce a multitude of kids to the wonderful outdoors.

Mathew 4:19, And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.